Outdoor Cuneo Alps

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Where maritime Alps demote in those from Liguria, to become Appennino, and there begin the valleys of Monregalese, with magnificent views that of Mondovì square, situated on a hill opposite to the Langhe.

In the Cottian Alps the celtic civilization has left various testimonies, but richer patrimony comes from a flowered culture between XII and XVI century, an independent land of Marquis which capital was Saluzzo, pearl of province.

Built 800 years ago on a terrace in the shape of a wedge to confluence the rivers Stura and Gesso, Cuneo is characterized by  about 8 kilometres of arcades, that, departing from the principal street of the historical centre, via Roma, proceeding along corso Nizza and other streets of the new town, offering a large commercial centre and an ideal place for encounters.