Bossea Cave is located in Corsaglia Valley, in the municipality of Frabosa Soprana, at 836 meters above sea level, and it is one of the most beautiful and important caves in Italy. It is a protected area managed by Marguareis Natural Park.

In the more than 3 km of tunnels with 4 superimposed floors of the Caudano Caves there are the remains of animals that lived thousands of years ago, such as the prehistoric cave bear. Today it is inhabited by other animals, such as bats.

Dossi Cave is a wonderful labyrinth of halls and galleries decorated with polychrome concretions of various shapes and sizes. The colors that distinguish the concretions in the Dossi Caves are due to mineral salts dissolved in the surface water that percolate in the cavity forming stalactites, stalagmites and columns.

In the Ligurian Alps, the area of Mongioie presents the most extensive karst complex in Piedmont, with a probable development of several tens of kilometers. The famous Vene Cave, which represents the underground collector of this powerful system, is easy and beautiful.