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Mongia and Cevetta are two small valleys next to the main Tanaro valley, whose gentle slopes mark the beginning of the Langa area.

From a naturalistic point of view, the Mongia Valley is characterised by large extensions of chestnut woods that cover over 60% of the soil. Not far from

Mombasiglio there is a curious phenomenon of erosion that has created a real natural bridge over Mongia torrent. In the same valley there is the small summer and winter tourist resort of Viola with the St. Grée ski facilities.

The upper Cevetta Valley is distinguished by the presence - in the town of Montezemolo - of part of the Special Nature Reserve of the Belbo Springs, a rare example of a mid-mountain marshland area.
In the Langa Cebana area, at Schioda, near Sale S. Giovanni, there is the Arboreto Prandi: about 12 hectares of natural environment rich in arboreal and herbaceous plants of considerable botanical and environmental interest.

Among the most interesting spots, there are the castle of Lesegno (of the Marquis del Carretto), the castle of Mombasiglio (seat of the General Bonaparte Museum), the castle of the Marquis Incisa di Camerana in Sale S. Giovanni, the imposing castle of the Marquis del Carretto in Saliceto and the 36-metre-high medieval tower of Priero.

Ceva is the vital hub of the two valleys, a town enclosed in the small wedge formed by Tanaro and Cevetta streams, an area rich of mushrooms. Already mentioned by Pliny for its cheeses, it had an imposing Savoy fort, later demolished during the Napoleonic domination, from where today you can enjoy an exceptional view of the Alps, the Langhe and the plain. In the historical centre, characterised by its arcaded streets, the 14th-century Guelph tower of Brolio stands out. Ceva also has a charming little theatre, inaugurated in 1861 and named after the playwrights Carlo and Leopoldo Marenco.


How to get there:
On the A6 Turin-Savona motorway: exit at Ceva and follow the signs for the valleys.
Ceva is also served by the railway network connecting Turin to Savona.


Fairs and events:
- Ceva - Mushroom Exhibition - Regional Market Fair - September
- Ceva - Ancient Fair of Santa Lucia - December
- Montezemolo - Regional Honey Fair - July
- Sale San Giovanni - Not only Herbs - June


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