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Spa resort Piedmont Italy

In the middle of the Maritime Alps Nature Park, in the high Gesso Valley, at an altitude of 1,370 meters, are the Terme Reali di Valdieri (Royal Springs of Valdieri).

Selected by the kings of Italy as a vacation spot since the 16th century, it’s an enchanting place where anyone can spend a day fit for a king enjoying aesthetic treatments, various massages, and relaxing baths in the 34 degree centigrade open pool which offers the double pleasure of bathing while admiring snow-covered peaks. The main feature of the Valdieri Springs is the sulfuric algae that, cultivated just for this purpose on slanted boards over which water runs, is very helpful in fighting rheumatologic and dermatological problems. The establishment is directly linked to the Grand Hotel which offers numerous services, opportunities to enjoy the landscape, and possibilities to stay in shape. This spot, once popular with the king from the Italian Unification for his chamois hunting parties, is today the starting point of excursions throughout the larger Valasco valley.

TERME REALI DI VALDIERI - Via Terme - 12010 Valdieri
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