The immense wine-growing areas of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, which have become a World Heritage Site, are located among expanses of hills, ancient villages and castles.


Barolo is considered the King of wines and has a great structure, expressing a complex and enveloping bouquet, capable of developing over time without losing its fascinating organoleptic characteristics. This wine has a splendid garnet red color and a complex bouquet, with fragrances of dried roses, raspberry and strawberry jams.

Barbaresco is an elegant wine, of remarkable consistency and evolved taste, almost balsamic because of the long aging that precedes its commercialization. It is the ideal accompaniment to red meat dishes, tasty recipes and hard cheeses.

Asti is the most exported Italian DOCG wine and it is the most renowned fruity sparkling wine of the world. Being sweet with a moderate alcohol content, it is suitable to be paired with fruit, desserts and in the closing of lunches.

Roero is named after the homonymous production area and it is the bottle wine par excellence, since ever. It is suggested to be matched with stewed and boiled meats typical of Piedmont region.

This is traditionally the most drunk table wine in the Langhe, also considered the wine of friendships. Its taste is velvety, dry and harmonious and it is ideal with cold cuts, roasts, white meats and soft cheeses.

The Langhe is a territorial denomination and draws its justification from a traditional practice that leads the winemakers of the Langa and Roero to select the production in the vineyard according to the quality of the grapes. This is a wine that can accompany an entire meal.

Nebbiolo d'Alba
Nebbiolo d'Alba is a pure single-variety red wine, its bouquet combines the fruity scents of raspberry, geranium and wild strawberry with the ethereal and spicy ones of cinnamon and vanilla, its taste is totally dry with an aromatic aftertaste. Excellent with beef, pork and chicken as well as with sliced meats and cheeses.

Verduno Pelaverga
Verduno Pelaverga is a very particular wine having characteristic fruity aromas of strawberry, flowers and ample and intense spicy notes. It goes very well with first courses seasoned with meat sauces as well as those based on truffle.