Thanks to the favorable soil for the growth of mushrooms and truffles, the province of Cuneo offers a wide range of excellent qualities. Famous is the White Truffle of Alba, to which the oldest fair is dedicated.


Mushrooms of Piedmontese valleys, but especially those of Cuneo, are spread all over the territory and gathered from spring to autumn. The main species are: Ovulo Buono, Porcino chiaro, estivo and moro, Chiodino and Gallinaccio.

The truffle is a hypogeous fungus in the form of a tuber, which lives in symbiosis with the roots of some plants, such as oak and poplar. The two characteristic truffles of the province of Cuneo, located between the Langhe and the Roero, are the White Truffle of Alba, considered the truffle par excellence given its commercial importance with an intense aroma and pleasant flavor, and the Black Truffle, mainly located in the municipalities of Valgrana, Pradleves, Monterosso Grana and Montemale.