Cuneesi al Rhumtorta di nocciole and bonèt are certainly the most appreciated desserts from Cuneo in Italy and beyond, thanks to the raw materials and expertise with which they are created.

Baci di Cherasco
These are crunchy sweets typical of Cherasco, made with dark chocolate, toasted hazelnuts and cocoa butter.

Biscotti Giolitti
Giolitti Biscuits are produced in Dronero and contain sugar, almonds, wheat flour, margarine, butter, rum and marsala.

It is a spoon dessert (a kind of pudding) originating in the Langhe region and it is made with eggs, sugar, milk, amaretti biscuits, bitter cocoa powder and rum.

Copete di S. Antonio
Copete are produced in Dogliani and in the Monregalese area and look like two hosts (sacramental bread) filled with toasted walnuts and/or hazelnuts caramelized in honey or sugar.

La Duchesse
La Duchesse is produced in Canale and is a pastry made of two soft shells filled with a cream made of dark chocolate, almonds and assorted liqueurs.

Marrons Glacès
The Marrons Glacés of Cuneo are chestnuts that, after a delicate peeling and, thanks to a slow process called candying, become very sweet. Its wholesome goodness is related to the quality of the chestnuts used for the production, a quality that has been considered excellent for centuries in the areas of Chiusa Pesio, Boves, Peveragno and Roccavione.

Paste di Meliga
These cornmeal biscuits are mainly produced in the area of Monregalese, Barge, Pamparato and Vicoforte. They have a variable shape according to the local tradition, a variable size, a golden color, a crunchy texture and a sweet flavor.

Praline di cioccolato
Normally called with the name of the place where it is produced, praline consists in a heart of rum chocolate enclosed in a sheet of meringue and covered by a shiny film of fondant. The most famous pralines today are Cuneesi al Rhum which have two of these meringues coupled and united by the cream. The preparation of the product is complex and requires the use of egg whites, sugar, cocoa, custard, rum and dark chocolate.

Quaquare di Genola
Quaquare are the typical sweet of Genola and owe their name to the vague resemblance with the cockchafer called quaquara in the local dialect, an insect very common in the past in the countryside. The ingredients to prepare this cookie are wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs and lemon peel.

Torta di nocciole
Hazelnut cake is a typical product of the Langhe. It has a size of 500-700 gr, a round shape, a brownish color and the flavor of hazelnuts.

Violette candite
Candied violets are produced in Borgo San Dalmazzo and represent sugar-coated violet flowers used in the Cuneo tradition as a refined and precious decoration for trays of marrons glacès.