A peculiar aspect of Piedmontese cuisine concerns the centuries-old tradition of quality charcuterie such as prosciutto crudo di Cuneo and salsiccia di Bra, products typically from Cuneo.

Agnello Sambucano
Sambucano lamb is raised in Stura di Demonte Valley and in the adjacent valleys, such as Maira, Grana and Gesso Valleys. The lamb is also a Slow Food Presidium and a Consorzio l'Escaroun "guaranteed Sambucano lamb" collective brand.

Bollito di Carrù
A typical representative dish at the Fiera del Bue Grasso (Fatty Ox Fair) in Carrù, the mixed boiled meat is made up of seven cuts: tenderon, scaramella, thigh muscle, shin, shoulder, tip jowl, and cappello del prete (priest's hat); the meat used is exclusively Piedmontese, from farms near the town.

Bovino Piemontese
The Piemontese cattle breed is bred for the production of high quality meat, suitable for the preparation of tasty typical dishes. A characteristic of the Piemontese breed is its close link with the territory and its good relationship with the environment, attested to by the high use of meadow fodder.

The capon is raised in various areas of Piedmont, in particular in Monasterolo di Savigliano and Morozzo. It is a castrated cockerel with tender and delicate meat, an authentic delicacy for the Christmas table.

The snails of the province of Cuneo are well known and appreciated above all for their production, in fact, they are bred in a complete biological cycle on open land, in the open air, with an exclusively vegetable diet. The main ones are those of Cherasco, where the Institute of Heliculture is located, and those of Borgo S.Dalmazzo, where the alpine species is bred and where the Fiera Fredda dedicated to snails is held.

Trout breeding is very widespread in the province, thanks to the clean waters that come down from the Alps. There are different types of trout, the best known being are trota fario (river trout) and trota iridea (river trout).

Bale d'Aso
Bale d'Aso are produced in Monastero Vasco and, in general, in the Monregalese area, and are a round-shaped salami, made from the meat of different species.

Salame Cuneo
Its characteristic is guaranteeing to the consumer the ancient typicality of artisanal salami by exalting particular peculiarities linked to the type of processing, such as aromaticity.

Salsiccia di Bra
Bra sausage is a traditional food product that comes from Bra and the surrounding areas, such as Cervere, Sanfrè and Sommariva Bosco.

Prosciutto crudo di Cuneo
Prosciutto crudo di Cuneo is produced throughout the province of Cuneo, in the province of Asti and in some parts of the province of Turin. The PDO "Crudo di Cuneo" comes from the combined action of human and environmental factors, which over time have influenced its production and contributed to its unique quality characteristics.