Dossi Cave is a wonderful labyrinth of halls and galleries decorated with polychrome concretions of various shapes and sizes. The colors that distinguish the concretions in the Dossi Caves are due to mineral salts dissolved in the surface water that percolate in the cavity forming stalactites, stalagmites and columns.

It has a total length of 910 meters for a drop of 21. It was the first cave in the Province of Cuneo to be discovered (1797) and it was also the first cave in Italy to be illuminated with electric light with thirty Edison lamps. Today it has returned to life thanks to the wise arrangement of light beams that enhance the beauty of the concretions and bring out in all their splendor, discreet and solemn, hitherto unknown aspects of this underground labyrinth.
We recommend the use of non-slip shoes and a jacket because the temperature inside is constant and around 9 ° C.