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ELVA  - Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta

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In the quiet village of Elva, the Church of S. Maria Assunta is a small jewel among the many that this beautiful and pleasant place reserves to whom look at it with humble and discreet eyes. This religious building of the XIV century, the most important of the village, is located in the hamlet of Serre, and although modest and poor in the outside, it houses a small treasure: the cycle of frescoes of Hans Clemer, Flemish painter named the “Master of Elva”. The paintings, the decorated portal with human figures and symbols, the Romanesque bell tower with a clock make this church a unique artistic treasure.

STROPPO – Chiesa di San Peyre
The Church of San Peyre rises in an exceptional location on a rocky spur at 1233 m asl. It is one the oldest religious buildings in Maira Valley. Inside frescoes, dating back to XIV-XVI century, depicting the main subject of Christian iconography.

VILLAR SAN COSTANZO – Abbazia di Villar
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Villar San Costanzo was once a thriving Benedictine centre, and left numerous traces of faith in its territory: the Church of S. Pietro in Vincoli and the Abbey of Villar, built on the site of the martyrdom of St. Costanzo. Here you can admire the Romanesque crypt and the chapel of S. George decorated by the painter Pietro da Saluzzo.


CASTELMAGNO – Santuario di San Magno

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The sanctuary is built on the spot of the martyrdom of Saint Magno. The original building dates back to approximately 1475, but has been enlarged several times, and the works were completed in 1716. It comprises two chapels: the cappella Allemandi (with frescoes from the second half of the 15th century, attributed to Pietro da Saluzzo) and the cappella Vecchia (frescoed by Giovanni Botoneri from Cherasco in 1514), incorporated in a larger church which was completed by an arcade in the second half of the 19th century (1865-1873).


VINADIO – Santuario di Sant’Anna

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The Santuario di Sant’Anna (Sanctuary of Saint Anne) is located in a beautiful, natural landscape, in the highlands among the Stura, Gesso, and Tinee valleys. The first document that mentions its existence dates back to 1307 and refers to the “ospizio di Santa Maria di Brasca” (“Hospice of Saint Mary of Brasca”). At an elevation of 2,035 meters, it is considered the highest sanctuary in Europe and was created as a mountain refuge to assist wayfarers crossing the Alps. Still today, it holds on to its ancient purpose, offering hospitality to those who wish to immerse themselves in prayer in peace and tranquility. It is open from June to September and offers bed and board for one night. The Sanctuary’s present three-nave structure dates back to 1681 and has the characteristic slanting wooden floor, created to comply with the rocky slope beneath it.